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Chimney Sweeping

If you are a responsible homeowner then you don’t need us at Navarro Roofing DBA to tell you how important it is to have your chimney cleaned, swept and, if needed, repaired on a regular basis. Regular chimney sweeping services allied with periodic maintenance will reduce the risk of fire, improve the functioning of your appliances and add to their life’s usefulness.

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Chimney Services

If you want a chimney service that will stop at nothing in the pursuit of design, repair and installation perfection for your home, then you need to contact Navarro Roofing DBA right away.

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Chimney Safety

Taking the necessary steps to ensure that you chimney is safe and operating to the optimal level at all times is a vitally important part of being a responsibly informed homeowner. To ensure that you are as informed as possible in respect of your chimney’s maintenance, upkeep and, if necessary, repair then you need to contact Navarro Roofing DBA today.

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You may not realize it but gutters are one of the most important pieces of any property. Water, especially when it’s allowed to sit for an extended period of time, can do serious damage to a structure. If a gutter system is blocked, it can cause water to pour over the sides and pool around the foundation.

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